The new s/t album “WISBORG” – OUT 02/02/2024!

The hopefuls of the German gothic scene are back! Almost three years after WISBORG’s last album “Into The Void”, the band is a different one: Appearances at M’era Luna, Amphi Festival and Plage Noire as well as opening for Lord Of The Lost on their tour for the ESC hit album “Blood & Glitter” have not only significantly increased the popularity of the goth rockers, they have also merged WISBORG, which have now grown into a quartet, into a permanent unit.

Time for a musical exclamation mark! A band-titled album almost always marks a turning point in one’s own discography, and for “WISBORG” this is true in more than one way. For the first time, the band worked with Lord Of The Lost frontman Chris Harms as producer, who also appears as a feature guest on the lead single “Im freien Fall” (the music video for the song was filmed on the joint tour in the locations as well as in the nightliner.)

The band is also breaking new ground visually: “WISBORG” breaks with the black-red-beige color scheme of the previous releases and presents a photo of the band as an album cover for the very first time! Stefan “Heilemania” Heilemann is responsible for the image and the visual design.

In addition, “WISBORG” features German lyrics for the very first time – exclusively!. “Singing in German is a double-edged sword,” explains frontman Konstantin Michaely. “If your audience understands right away what your songs are about, then the lyrics naturally carry more weight. This makes you more vulnerable, but at the same time more approachable. Many bands hide behind the English language, we have actively decided to break down this hurdle and to get into more direct contact with our fans from now on.” WISBORG’s usual thematic melange of love, sex and death with an existentialist superstructure is also expressed in the new album, but on the one hand it is presented in a much more nuanced way, on the other hand it is supplemented by themes such as loneliness and isolation in the big city, social anxiety and failing to live up to one’s own expectations.

Last but definitely not least, the songwriting of the eleven tracks is more sophisticated than ever. “WISBORG” goes straight to the ear, but with each subsequent listen, it unfolds new levels instead of wearing out and doesn’t care about genre standards. Nikolas Eckstein and Konstantin Michaely don’t play it safe, but continue their own, unique musical path – the future of goth is now!




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Hamburg, headcrash

(w/ The Fright)


Berlin, Cassiopeia

(w/ The Fright)


München, Backstage

(w/ Stoneman)


Oberhausen, Kulttempel

(w/ Stoneman)


Hannover, lux

(w/ Stoneman)


Erfurt, From Hell

(w/ The Fright)


Morecambe (UK), Bats IN The Attic Festival


Prague (CZ), Palac Akropolis

(w/ Blitz Union)


Frankfurt, Das Bett

(w/ Manntra)


Potsdam, Waschhaus Saal

(w/ Hell Boulevard)


Lübeck, Riders

(w/ Hell Boulevard)


Hameln, Sumpfblume

(w/ Hell Boulevard)


Wuppertal, LCB

(w/ Hell Boulevard)


Saarbrücken, Garage

(w/ Hell Boulevard)


Erfurt, From hell

(w/ Hell Boulevard)


Forst, Manitu

(w/ Hell Boulevard)

Past Events

14.06.2024 – Hannover, Subkultur (w/ The Fright)

24.03.2024 – Nürnberg, Hirsch (w/ Schattenmann)

23.03.2024 – Stuttgart, Im Wizemann (w/ Schattenmann)

22.03.2024 – Wien (AT), Chelsea (w/ Schattenmann)

21.03.2024 – München, Backstage (w/ Schattenmann)

11.02.2024 – Oberhausen, Kulttempel (w/ Schattenmann)

09.02.2024 – Leipzig, Hellraiser (w/ Schattenmann)

04.02.2024 – Hamburg, Knust (w/ Schattenmann)

03.02.2024 – Hannover, Musikzentrum (w/ Schattenmann)

02.02.2024 – Berlin, Columbia Theater (w/ Schattenmann)

01.02.2024 – Frankfurt, Das Bett (w/ Schattenmann)

16.12.2023 – Erfurt, From Hell (w/ Kirlian Camera)

11.11.2023 – Bischofswerda, East Club (w/ Zeraphine)

10.11.2023 – Erfurt, Bandhaus (w/ Zeraphine)

12.08.2023 – Hildesheim, M’era Luna Festival

26.07.2023 – München, Backstage Werk (w/ Lacrimas Profundere + Versus Goliath)

13.07.2023 – Berlin, Lido (w/ Lord Of The Lost)

11.06.2023 – München, Backstage Halle (w/ Lord Of The Lost)

20.05.2023 – Köln, Unter Schwarzer Flagge 4 (w/ Eisbrecher + Die Krupps + Schattenmann)

03.02.2023 – Köln, Club Volta (w/ Lord Of The Lost)

02.02.2023 – Dresden, Beatpol (w/ Lord Of The Lost)

01.02.2023 – Hamburg, Knust (w/ Lord Of The Lost)

17.12.2022 – Leipzig, Hellraiser (w/ The Fright + Lament + Jacob’s Fall)

01.10.2022 – Hamburg, Molotov (w/ Golden Apes)

30.09.2022 – Berlin, Badehaus (w/ Golden Apes)

24.09.2022 – Münster, Minicave Festival

10.09.2022 – Berlin, Cassiopeia (w/ Lacrimas Profundere)

09.09.2022 – Bochum, Rockpalast (w/ The Other)

27.08.2022 – Prag, Prague Gothic Treffen

24.07.2022 – Köln, Amphi Festival 

18.06.2022 – Bremen, Tivoli (w/ She Past Away)

07.05.2022 – Weißenhäuser Strand, Plage Noire Festival

22.01.2022 – Liege (BE), Dark Winter Festival (w/ Joy/Disaster, La Lune Noire, Ductape)

18.12.2021 – Oberhausen, Kulttempel (w/ Zeraphine)

21.08.2021 – Torgau/Entenfang, Stella Nomine Festival

30.07.2021 – Gelsenkirchen, Revierpark Nienhausen (w/ Clan Of Xymox)

16.10.2020 – Münster, Minicave Night (w/ “Oberst Panizza”, “Tilly Electronics”) 

22.10.2020 – Gelsenkirchen, Revierpark Nienhausen (w/ “Unzucht”) 

18.06.2020 – Berlin, Huxleys Neue Welt (w/ “Askers Dodge”, streaming concert)

08.02.2020 – Nürnberg, Der Cult (w/ “Eden Weint Im Grab”) 

07.02.2020 – Cottbus, Muggefugg (w/ “Eden Weint Im Grab”, “Abrogation”) 

01.02.2020 – Braunschweig, B58 (w/ “Eden Weint Im Grab”, “LVX Aeterna”)

25.01.2020 – Münster, Rare Guitar (w/ “Eden Weint Im Grab”) 

24.01.2020 – Hamburg, MS Stubnitz (w/ “Eden Weint Im Grab”) 

18.01.2020 – Berlin, Wabe (w/ “Eden Weint Im Grab”) 

11.01.2020 – Erfurt, Club From Hell (w/ “Eden Weint Im Grab”, “Munarheim”) 

04.01.2020 – Köln, MTC (w/ “Eden Weint Im Grab”) 

03.01.2020 – Leipzig, Hellraiser (w/ “Eden Weint Im Grab”) 

21.12.2019 – Kaiserslautern, Salon Schmitt (w/ “Machines Á Sous”)

23.11.2019 – Esslingen, Ad Astra (w/ “Nosferatu”)

04.11.2019 – Hannover, SubKultur (w/ “Lacrimas Profundere”) 

05.10.2019 – Eernegem (BEL), B52 (w/ “Struggler”, “Human”)

28.09.2019 – Illmenau, Campus Noir Festival (w/ “Inkubus Sukkubus”, “The Exploding Boy”…)

30.08.2019 – Hamburg, Markthalle (w/ “Grundeis”) 

06.07.2019 – Essen, Don’t Panic (w/ “La Scaltra”) 

05.07.2019 – Leiden (NL), Rockcafé Lazaru’s (w/ “Lifeless Past”) 

23.06.2019 – Hamburg, MS Stubnitz (w/ “Still Patient?”, “Age Of Heaven”) 

22.06.2019 – Berlin, Wild At Heart (w/ “Still Patient?”, “Age Of Heaven”) 

21.06.2019 – Leipzig, Bandhaus (w/ “Still Patient?”, “Age Of Heaven”) 

30.03.2019 – Leicester (UK), Darker Days Festival (w/ “Whispering Sons” , “The House Of Usher”…) 

29.03.2019 – Hannover, SubKultur (w/ “Age Of Heaven”) 

02.03.2019 – Zürich (CH), Black eleven (w/ “Still Patient?”, “Aeon Sable”)   

05.01.2019 – Berlin, Schokoladen (w/ “Lizard Pool”)

09.12.2018 – Kassel, RSE & Friends Festival (w/ “Patenbrigade: Wolff”, “Intent:Outtake”, “DaGeist”…)  

08.12.2018 – Hamburg, Kir (w/ “Astari Nite”, “The Spiritual Bat”, “Ground Nero”)   

07.12.2018 – Hannover, SubKultur (w/ “Astari Nite”, “The Spiritual Bat”, “Ground Nero”)  

06.12.2018 – Essen, Don’t Panic (w/ “Astari Nite”, “The Spiritual Bat”, “Ground Nero”)  

24.11.2018 – Salzgitter, Fortuna (w/ “In Good Faith”, “System Noire”)

23.11.2018 – Berlin, Nuke Club (w/ “Das Ich”, “System Noire”)

20.10.2018 – Oldenburg, Herbststurm-Festival (w/ “Aeverium”, “Sündenrausch”, “Aeternitas”…)

13.10.2018 – Hameln, Autumn Moon Festival

01.09.2018 – Hamburg, Kukuun (w/ “Marta Raya”)

31.08.2018 – Erfurt, Club From Hell (w/ “Das Ich”, “Zoon Politicon”)

14.07.2018 – Elbingerode, Kreuzmühle (w/ “Plastic Autumn”, “Zoon Politicon”)

22.06.2018 – Hannover, Dark Rock Festival (w/ “Schwarzer Engel”, “Voodoma”, “Nachtsucher”…)

16.06.2018 – Hannover, Bruits De La Cave Festival (w/ “Sieben”, “Nova Et Vetera”, “KatzKab”…)  

20.05.2018 – Leipzig, Wave-Gotik-Treffen

03.05.2018 – Hamburg, MS Stubnitz (w/ “Second Still”)

24.03.2018 – Hamburg, Fundbureau (w/ “She Past Away”) 

17.02.2018 – Hannover, Béi Chéz Heinz (w/ “TV Smith & The Bored Teenagers”)

26.12.2017 – Hannover, SubKultur (w/ “Der Fluch”, “Eden Weint Im Grab”)

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Seconds To The Void


Seconds To The Void

“Seconds To The Void – The Remixes”

Into The Void

“Into The Void”

From The Cradle To The Coffin

“From The Cradle To The Coffin”

The Tragedy Of Seconds Gone

“The Tragedy Of Seconds Gone”



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